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  • Adam Butler

Pastors: Pay Attention!

Pastors: please pay attention to what is happening around you, and spread the message to your congregation!

There seems to be a growing dislike and even distrust for the book of Revelation. Even I have to admit that for the better half of my life, I wouldn’t even read it because I thought it was too scary and confusing.

However, it is part of the Bible, which means that it is divinely inspired along with all other authoritative books, so it deserves our attention as well—it seems like now more than ever.

There is no question that we are in the end times. The reason is because we have been since the ascension of Christ, in a manner of speaking. However, if we are going to take the words of Scripture seriously, many of the signs we are seeing in our world today are eerily similar to the signs Jesus told us we should expect before his return.

While I do not and will never claim to be able to predict the coming of Christ, because this directly contradicts his own words that “no man knows the day or the hour,” I do feel that we need to pay attention to what he said about the things we should look for before he returns. Granted, he may come back for his church tomorrow, in the next hour, or while you are listening to this podcast… or while I’m recording it! Then again, he may also come back 10, 20, 100 years from now. Either way, I do believe we are close.

Interestingly, however, it seems that less and less pastors are preaching about the signs of the times.

So, consider this episode a call to stay on guard and keep watch. Just a brief glance at 2020 should be the biggest indicator of the things to come. We are in the middle of a global pandemic, there have been wars and rumors of wars, tension over the nation of Israel, lawlessness in the streets like never before, evil things being considered good and good things considered evil, such as abortion and the modern sexual revolution being considered things to be praised, more natural disasters than ever before, churches falling away from the truth of God’s Word, Christians doing the same, fires raging in Australia, the Amazon, and California, record high lightning strikes in California as well, even plagues of locusts in some countries!

Lastly, Christians are being persecuted across the globe. Especially in countries like Nigeria, where what is occurring against Christians is literally genocide! The world is abandoning truth and God, and we are seeing some of the repercussions of it firsthand. All of these things seem to be indicators of something bigger that is yet to come. Namely, they all have the potential to make room for a global leader, i.e., the AntiChrist.

The end times is a more relevant discussion than ever before, obviously. After all, we get closer and closer to Christ’s return with each passing day. The church has got to keep watch at what is happening. Too many pastors are not leading in this area, but should.

This is why, I believe, we need to get the book of Revelation back into the pulpit on Sunday mornings. Not just that, but the book of Daniel as well. These prophetic, end-times books need to be exposited, being that they have so much to say about what we can expect. Without a sense of urgency, people are more likely to take steps of action.

As Ray Comfort illustrates, if you are in a plane that you don’t know is falling, you are probably not going to think to reach for a parachute. So we have got to wake up as the church! Many of us have fallen asleep, just as the church in Sardis is in Revelation 3. We have to stop sitting on the fence and being lukewarm in our approach to the gospel and truth, just like the church in Laodicea. We have to remember our first love, Christ, and not abandon him like the church in Ephesus and replace him with the American dream, attractionalsim, liberalism, or any other worldly things!

We are seeing a return to the days of Noah without a doubt, which Scripture tells us should be a warning sign. The church can not longer be afraid of standing for the truth when it comes to divisive issues like abortion, marriage, the afterlife, and especially the exclusivity of Christianity. So pastors, please take a stand like Shadrack, Mishack and Abednigo did in the book of Daniel. Your congregation will thank you.

No compromise.

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