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  • Adam Butler

3 Problems with Surrogacy

Is surrogacy ethical? The topic is a sensitive one for many families. Surrogacy, on the surface, offers a loving alternative to the inability to produce children. From that standpoint, why wouldn’t one consider surrogacy? However, there are multiple issues with the concept.

Surrogacy is the process by which a woman carries and delivers a child for another couple or individual. On the surface, the picture that is often painted is one with good intentions: a couple cannot have children, though they long desperately for a child, so they turn to a surrogate “mother,” who then carries a child to term, births him or her, and the child goes on to be raised by the couple.

While this may not sound immoral, consider the following implications of the process. Here are 3 problems with surrogacy:

1. Surrogacy intentionally severs the bond between the mother, father, and child.

Surrogacy intentionally creates a situation in which a child is conceived to a birth mother, only to be taken from her after birth. The 9-month period during which the baby resided in the mother’s womb is counted as nothing for the child who has heard the sound of that mother’s beating heart for so long.

2. Surrogacy exploits women

Surrogacy has turned child-birth into an industry of sorts. And women are the producers. Surrogacy creates a culture of women whose bodies are seen as a means to an end–that is, they are the mechanisms by which children (who are the products in these scenarios) are created. This is a distorted view of the value of human life, both for the mother and child.

3. Surrogacy objectifies children.

While a child conceived by surrogacy is just as much a valuable human, worthy of love and protection, as any other child, the process by which the child is conceived is problematic. Surrogacy makes children into objects which can be obtained if one so desires. But babies are not things; they are people. To deprive a baby of the body by which he or she was born is wrong. Babies are a gift from God; we are not the authors of life. God is.

But Isn’t Adoption the Same Thing?

You may wonder, how can you say that surrogacy is wrong, but advocate for adoption? The answer is simple: adoption fixes a broken relationship. Surrogacy creates one. Adoption is a beautiful thing. After all, Scripture often uses the image of adoption in reference to how God brought us into His family (John 1:12, Romans 8:15, Galatians 4:5-7, Ephesians 1:5). However, surrogacy creates the means by which a child is taken from the one who gave birth to him or her.

We live in a broken world. Conception was designed to take place within the bounds of a Biblical marriage: a monogamous union between one man and one woman. Unfortunately, this does not always occur. However, to contribute to a distorted view of sex by depriving children of their birth mothers, exploiting women, and treating children as products, is the opposite approach to reforming a broken world.

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