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  • Adam Butler

Who Defines Marriage?

What is the purpose of marriage? From a Biblical perspective, such as it was created by God, it should be to glorify God and reflect God Himself. However, in a politicized, media-driven, feelings-based world, mankind has attempted to redefine marriage to fit our own wills and agendas. Marriage now, according to our culture, means whatever makes you feel good; be united to whomever you wish. The boundaries of that definition are growing increasingly further apart, as new additives in the definition have come to pass.

The recent bill in the United States Congress, known as the Respect for Marriage Act, was passed in the senate, which requires the U.S. government to recognize same-sex marriages as valid under the law. But the question then arises: who gets to define marriage?

Marriage is an institution created and defined by God. So, to suggest that the government is some-how “redefining” marriage is a false assertion, being that it is impossible for humanity to change the definition of something which God has ordained. However, politicians certainly can go against God’s decree for marriage as the monogamous, covenant union between one man and one woman. There have been efforts to do so for years. Now, our culture has decided to define marriage as a mere union between whomever is in love.

However if marriage is merely a union between two people, then why is the government involved at all? Why do we need legislation in place at all for marriages?

Because marriage is so much more than simply a bond between two people. Marriage is an institution for family-building. And sex (which was designed to be shared and enjoyed within a Biblical marriage) is so much more than a physical act. Sex is a spiritual, emotional, bonding of two people. Apologist Dr. Frank Turek describes sex this way: sex is like fire. If you keep it contained within a fireplace, it will warm you. If you let it get out, however, it can burn your house down. 

To prove the point further, why is it that rape is so much worse of an act against someone than any other form of assault? Because, as mentioned earlier, sex is not just physical. This is why it was meant to be confined within a covenant bond.

Secondly, sex creates children. This is possibly the main reason why governments are involved in marriages. Because there must be an institution that protects children. Children need a mother & father. Research consistently shows us that this two-parent structure is the most beneficial to the development of the child. Without a specifically defined institution such as marriage, children will suffer in the long run.

Biblical marriages perpetuate and stabilize society. The family is the bedrock of a rightly-functioning society. The passing of this bill is just more snow on the snowball that is racing down the hill, soon to be an avalanche. And the people at the bottom of the hill who will be impacted the most are the most vulnerable in our society. The world needs the Church to be salt and light. Speak up and speak out.

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